Birthday December 23, 2007
After Woody passed on in December 2008, we got into a groove of life with one dog. Our bills drastically reduced and our free time increased. Even though Shane has issues, walking one dog even with all the trouble, was much easier. Still after a few months, it became apparent that Shane was lonely. Woody wasn't much of a playmate, but at least he was a companion.

I wasn't ready to get a new puppy, so Frank and I decided to get a rescue dog. Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue was so eager to find us a dog, and along came Flossie, who we renamed Maggie May. She is just a joy and Shane loves her to death. I am looking forward to many years of happiness with Maggie and hopefully she will learn agility. Man can she jump.

The vet guesstimated her age between 1 and 2 years, so we settled on 1.5 years, which put her birthday in December. In honor of Woody, we selected December 23 as her new birthday because that is the day that we lost our Woody.
Forgotten Friends' Maggie May
updated 18 Nov 2009