Born Jan 26, 2006
In 2006, I started thinking about getting a puppy. Jake and Woody were slowing down, and while I enjoyed competing with them, it heartbreaking that we weren't making time. At agility class one night, I overheard a friend talking about a puppy that was listed on a sheltie yahoo group. I asked him to send me the note, and was intrigued about the puppy's pedigree. I wrote the breeder and heard nothing back for months. One day an email appeared and it snowballed from there.  I went back and forth in my mind about getting this dog because I would have to drive to Colorado, but I eventually made the trip.

Shane has turned out to be an excellent addition to our family. He is the most loving sweet dog I could ever imagine and he's fabulous at agility. We have our issues in the ring, but we are working through them. He is just so excited about the run that he can't contain himself.  We'll get there.
Ruff Haus' Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky
updated 18 Nov 2009