Mar 29, 1997 to Dec 23, 2008
After spending a grueling summer fending off Jake's baby teeth gnawing my hand while I tried to watch TV, we decided to get Jake a playmate so we could have some quiet time after work. We dropped Jake off at the breeder while we went on vacation. Upon return, we decided to take a look at the breeder's pups. In the backyard was sheltie mayhem. Shelties running and jumping, but over in the corner stood a wild-looking little guy who just didn't seem to fit in. Frank was striken immediately and would not leave unless we took that little guy. The breeder was giving him up because he wasn't growing into standard size. Under our care, Woody blossomed and became a wonderful companion for Jake. It didn't hurt that they were litter mates.

Woody had a good agility career once we got him over the teeter, which didn't happen until we moved to Florida and had room to buy our own teeter. By that time Woody was 7 years old, but he achieved quite a lot in the following years. In 2007, Woody started to slow down, so we did agility just for fun. Our final run was in Kerrville on December 14, 2008 in a USDAA Veteran's class. He was slow, but just as good as ever. When we got home, Woody started a gradual decline and we discovered metastisized liver cancer on December 19. Woody lost his battle on December 23, 2008.

Elwood Blues II
updated 18 Nov 2009