The Blues Brothers have reunited for a tour of the universe. Cradled in Frank's arms, Woody passed on Tuesday, December 23 after very rapid decline. The doctors at Lakeline Animal Care let us know that Woody was on his way home and told us to spoil him, which we did. We hoped he would make it through the holiday, but Tuesday, Woody let us know that is was time to go. 

Since Woody and Jake were inseparable, it was hard to write this obituary as it would be exactly the same as Jake's. Even now, their ashes are in the same urn on my shelf.

With all their quirkiness, Jake and Woody were a joy. One memory I have is when we were selling our house in Phoenix. The dogs had to be in day care every day in case the realtor wanted to show the house. So each morning, the boys and I would pile into the car for the ride to work. I'd drop the boys at day care and then head to the office. After work, I'd pick them up and we'd head home. It's like we were all going to work. I just loved it.

For 10 years, these two boys ruled our world. The time flew by so fast.

Elwood Blues II (1997-2008)
Elwood Blues II
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